Poetry Hints

Clues to deciphering or reading my poetry

  • Subverted Fairy Project: Book 1
    • Leafmeal and Hell-Kettle
      • For Leafmeal, the last two letters of the first line, ID, are part of the acrostic.
      • For Hell-Kettle, only the last letter on the first line, P, is part of the acrostic.
      • The last letter on each line is a letter in the acrostic.
      • Using the last letter as a guide, split the poems down the middle from the top to get the rest of the acrostic and see the ASCII shape of the message.
    • Osag
      • Begin at the capital I at the top of the dandelion puff.
      • Read clockwise until the circle is complete.
      • Move to the capital L of the next line inside the puff's circle. Repeat until the puff is read.
      • Move to the capital C on the stem. Read down the left side and back up the right side.