About Sloane Talest

Sloane Talest muses on the darker side of humanity, influenced by her service as a soldier in Desert Storm and pragmatic life thereafter. Her stories delve into fantastical and futuristic realms.

Her unusual journey with writing detoured when serving as an Arabic linguist in the Army during the first Gulf War. She worked as a software engineer lead utilizing several different computer languages.

Sloane and her English husband, who she considers the best import ever, share a love of games, electronics, and other hobbies related to geek culture. They reside in Minnesota near an unadvertised refuge for dragons.

Her appreciation for life’s complex pains help her find levity in the madness. The same madness found seeping into her stories and poems.

Sloane is a member of MinnSpec - Minnesota Speculative Fiction Writers

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Sloane Talest

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