A fine line exists between researching enough to mentally see a scene for writing and getting too caught up in the backstory. The generalities and decisions I made for my world probably fall along the lines of the latter.
High level steps in standard commercial colonization
  • Locate planet in goldilocks zone
    Entities footing the bill will not want to invest the time and resources required for transforming a planet that is far from what can support human life.
  • Terraform
    People colonizing will not want to be changed physically to survive on a planet.
  • Final testing of terraforming with disposable populace
  • Establish military presence
  • Populate with colonists
    • Indentured servitude
    • Incentives
    • False promises

Religious, idealogical, or scientific communities could pursue colonization outside of the goldilocks zone. These organizations could consider larger terraforming projects or biological modification of humans.

Interesting stories arise when people and entities choose to follow the path that most people would not.